Orphan Sponsorship International believes that girls and youth are the key to ending the cycle of despair in developing regions. We focus first on providing individualized comprehensive care for our children in the present, and second on their education and development, providing opportunity and means for each to become secure in their futures, in control of their own destinies, with the power to lift their community around them.

About OSI

It is a startling statistic that half of the world's population lives in poverty.  And where this occurs, nowhere are its effects more evident than amongst children.  With families struggling for survival, child abandonment, abuse, and neglect deprive children of both their present and futures, and this in turn assures that the cycle of poverty and despair in their communities continues for generations to come.

Orphan Sponsorship International focuses on providing comprehensive, individualized care for each child in the present, from nutrition, to health/hygiene, to counseling, to creating happy childhood memories along the way.  But more critically, OSI focuses on the child’s future.  First and foremost, we take whatever measures are necessary to keep the child in school and to assure they succeed in their education.  To this end we attempt to address every barrier, from providing financial support to free a child from labour so that she can focus on education, to counseling families to prevent early marriage of their child, to providing everything the child needs so that she is no burden to her impoverished family, to providing our own supervised accommodation for children who need a home.

With the above mission, OSI’s focus on each child is necessarily long-term.  While many factors are beyond our control, ideally we strive to see each child through to adulthood, vocations of their choosing, and secure, happy futures with the means to control their own destinies.  Towards this end, our program sites are focused on fixed groups of children, whom we see through from their younger ages to adulthood.  Please see “OSI Program Sites” on the right for specific information on each of our program sites, past and present.

Orphan Sponsorship International is a US-registered 501(c)(3) charity